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Adult violin or viola lessons


Violin and Viola lessons are available to adults of any age.  You do not have to have any experience!! If you do have experience, we will start at the level you are at. You may have an area of violin or viola playing you would like to specialize in with certain styles of playing. Or you may want a general classical emphasis. We will work on technique, making playing easier, and the joy of playing with another person or group.

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself
— Chinese Proverb




Adult occasional lessons


You may be an adult who has always been curious about playing a stringed instrument. Or your friend has asked you to play a special piece at a birthday party or wedding. Whatever the case, we are here for you. Contact us for your lessons, whether occasional or ongoing weekly. We can help you with skills to make your playing easier.


Sunday Strings

Ensemble group for violin, viola, cello, and string bass.


Sunday Strings adult string ensemble is a group for string players (over 18 years old) who would like to play music in a small group setting. Learn a new technique, get better at sight reading, try a new skill, and play with other violin, viola, cello, or bass players with common interests.  No pressure, no stress!  7 - 8:30pm Sunday evenings, schedules will be posted. Contact: for additional information.