Stu Fuchs Ukulele workshop ~~~ Sunday, 2/25/2018     5 - 6:30pm

"Ukulele Zen:  Get Rhythm"  Ukulele workshop $25

This workshop will give ukulele players of ALL experience levels a rock solid foundation in ukulele strumming and rhythm. Both beginning and advanced players will benefit from the focus on effortless “zen" technique. You’ll play LOTS OF FUN SONGS and learn many all purpose grooves, deepen your rhythmic sensibilities using holistic & body centric technique, and improve your tone and timing. In addition you’ll learn how to shortcut the learning process using Stu’s lighthearted and effective method of “Ukulele Zen” - a method which has helped thousands of people cultivate good technique through a focus on good posture, breathing & relaxation techniques, a very positive and supportive mindset for learning.

Open to ALL LEVELS of player, beginner to advanced.

You won't want to miss this special event. to reserve your spot.  It will sell out. Located at Tampa Suzuki Strings studio:  7902 W. Waters Ave., (in the Hunters Plaza) Tampa FL 33615


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